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Sell Your Home for More Money

It is expensive to hire an amateur. If you want to sell your home for the highest possible price, Zulika and her team can help you get the price you want. So you can stop searching for the perfect estate agent in Langebaan. You found them!


Our 3-step process

Not all estate agents in Langebaan are the same. Just sticking an “On Show” sign outside your house won’t guarantee a higher sale price. Discover how we can net you more money by going the extra mile.


Home assessment

To sell your home for the most money, we have to make sure it’s market-ready. We’ll assess your property and give you the current market value (based on the condition of your home, competing properties, and local market conditions).

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We’ll take care of everything to make sure your home looks great. We’ll bring in experts like photographers and videographers to make sure your home catches people’s attention, attracts more buyers, and gets the best offers.

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Digital marketing strategy

From real estate video marketing to targeted Facebook and Google ads to email marketing, we’ll put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to ensure your home is exposed to as many buyers as possible.

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Lights, camera, action: It’s showtime

We’ll create and share engaging content about your home on YouTube, Facebook, and Google to reach interested viewers.This content will showcase your home’s best features and create a buzz online. Through high-quality photos and videos, we’ll capture the essence of your property and highlight what makes it unique. 

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Celebrate your new home

Providing our customers with amazing service is at the top of our priority list. You will always come first when working with us. So you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. We’ll handle all the paperwork, negotiate offers, and everything in between to make sure we get your home sold at a great price. Then we celebrate!

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See How 4 Simple Questions Can Help You Find the Best Estate Agent in Langebaan!

Selling your home is a big deal. It’s crucial to find a trustworthy real estate agent, especially in Langebaan where not all agents are equal. Here are four questions to help you choose the right one. Most estate agents in Langebaan probably won’t expect you to ask these questions!

How many homes have you sold the past 12 months?

Don’t be shy to ask them how many homes they have sold over the past 12 months. You might be surprised to learn that most agents sell fewer than 6-7 homes a year. Low sales volumes will make it very difficult for an agent to spend any significant amount of money on marketing. In other words, your home won’t be getting the exposure it needs to sell fast and at the best possible price.

What sets you apart from other estate agents in Langebaan?

Any agent worth her salt will not hesitate to answer this question and will be ready to fire off what makes her different from other agents. What things does this agent offer you that others don’t to help you sell your home in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and for the most amount of money?

How did you determine the marketing price of our home?

Some estate agents in Langebaan use the price per square meter method, but it has its flaws. The price per sqm, for example, doesn’t increase at the same rate for larger houses. Comparing similar-sized properties gives a more accurate value. Using the price per sqm of a small property on a larger one inflates the valuation. It’s crucial to consider comparable sales to determine a property’s true worth.

How do you plan on marketing my home?

Another important question to ask your estate agent is about their marketing plan for your home. Don’t settle for vague answers; ask them to show you their marketing plan. If they can’t demonstrate a solid plan beyond listing on portals and putting up a sign, you might be taking a risk working with them.


What My Clients Say?

Don't even bother dealing with other agents - this professional ensures the best for her clients. She sold our house before it was publicly listed! We bought our new house via Zulika and I'll continue doing so.
Brett Tromp
Langebaan Golf Estate
After 12 months of being listed with other agents, I was beginning to give up hope. Then I spoke to Zulika, and after just 5 days on the market she sold for 100% of my asking price.
Marius Saayman
Bue Lagoon
My expectations are very high, as I am in sales too and Zulika exceeded all of them. When both buying and selling property, I will only use her and recommend her going forward.
Fiona Kleynhans
Langebaan Country Estate

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