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Zulika van Heerden

Meet Zulika - She Delivers

Zulika has been selling real estate since 2015  and she loves helping families with one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make.

She is incredibly dedicated and committed to all her clients (buyers and sellers alike) and that is why she gets a lot of referral business.

She is one of the top estate agents in Langebaan with 30+ five star online reviews.

Zulika has never been content with being an ordinary estate agent and that is why she has won the top agent award 3 years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021).

In 2021 she sold 54 properties with R104m+ in sales in one year alone. She has built up credibility and a great reputation in her community and has gained the respect of her peers in this challenging industry.

Above all else, selling real estate is her passion. She believes that if you get into this industry only for the money, people will sense it and you won’t be successful.

It’s about being passionate about what you do and building relationships with people.

Selling your home is a huge decision, so it is crucial to hire the right agent. You want an agent who has the experience, expertise and proven track record to help you get the highest possible price for your home.

Zulika has been selling real estate since 2015 and she loves helping families with one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. She is incredibly dedicated and committed to all her clients and that is why she gets a lot of business through referrals. 

Zulika has never been content with being an ordinary estate agent and that is why she has won the top agent award 3 years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021). In 2021 she sold 54 properties with R104m+ in sales. 

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Searching for Estate Agents in Langebaan?

5 Questions You Have To Ask

estate agents in Langebaan
estate agents in Langebaan

For most people, the most expensive asset they will ever sell is their home. So it is essential to get good advice on finding a real estate agent in Langebaan you can trust. Many of the most productive real estate agents are right here in Langebaan. But as with all things in life not all estate agents in Langebaan are created equal, so there are various things you have to take into account while searching for the best agent.

The main question when searching for estate agents in Langebaan is how you can avoid choosing the wrong agent to sell your home?

So you have two options: (1) interview one real estate agent in Langebaan and decide to hire her on the spot; or (2) decide to interview at least three estate agents in Langebaan before making a decision. Whatever option you choose, ensure you have prepared a couple of questions, that will help you figure out which agent to use.

But how is it possible to select the right agent when everyone says “I’m the best?” Try asking these five questions. I can bet you: most estate agents in Langebaan would not be expecting you to be asking these kinds of questions!

Question #1: How long have you been selling real estate?

Good real estate agents need experience, so when the time comes to sell your home and deciding which agent to use, you’ll want to ask them how long they have been selling real estate?”

There’s certainly no shortage of real estate agents in Langebaan, but the truth is that it is only a very small percentage of those agents who conduct the majority of business. An inexperienced agent can cost you time and money, and unfortunately maybe even put you at risk of not selling your home.

Question #2: How many homes have you sold the past 12 months?

Don’t be shy to ask them how many homes they have sold over the past 12 months. You might be surprised to learn that most agents sell less than 6-7 homes a year.

Now low sales volumes will make it very difficult for an agent to spend any significant amount of money on marketing. In other words, your home won’t be getting the exposure it needs to sell fast and at the best possible price.

Question #3: What are the top 3 things that separate you from other estate agents in Langebaan?

Any agent worth her salt will not hesitate to answer this question and will be ready to fire off what makes her different from other agents. What things does this agent offer your that others don’t to help you sell your home in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and for the most amount of money?

Question #4: How did you determine the marketing price of our home?

Let’s look at two of the popular ways to calculate the market price:

(1)    There’s the so-called price per square meter calculation where the price of the house is divided by the square meter of the house to come up with a price per square meter number.

For instance, if the price of the house is R1m and it is a 100 square meter, the price per square meter is R10,000. You could do it the other way around as well by multiplying the price per square meter of the home to get the price. For instance, a 100 square meter home with a price of R10,000 per square meter has a price of R1m.

We believe that this method has too many flaws and is not the best way to value a home. All things considered, how can you use the exact same method in calculating the price for a 3-floored mansion, as well as the price of a single storey family home, and this is without even taking into account either property’s physical location?!

(2)    The most frequently used calculation (being the best one to use) is the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), that enables a real estate agent to view recently sold properties in your immediate area, in addition to current properties for sale, all within the same price range, look and size, to come up with a fair market value.

Do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent to provide you with proof regarding the CMA’s findings.

Question #5: How do you plan on marketing my home?

One more great question is to ask your estate agent is how do they plan on marketing your home? If all your agent can speak about is placing your home on property portals, which in turn syndicates you’re the details of your property to portals such as Property24, Private Property, Property360, My Property, and Gumtree – then drop them like a hot potato.

And don’t allow them to just give you lip service, put them on the spot and ask them to show you their marketing plan. If they’re unable to show you what they’re going to do to market your property, then they’re just going to place it on property portals, put a sign in your yard and hope and pray someone buys it.

You’re taking a risk if you work with an agent in Langebaan who doesn’t have a proven plan for selling your home, because chances are they don’t know what they’re doing.

What’s your Langebaan home worth?

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Below you'll find a few frequently asked questions about Langebaan.

Langebaan situated on the West Coast of Cape Town and has some of the best beaches anywhere in South Africa and, the climate is great. Langebaan falls under the jurisdiction of Saldanha Bay municipality which has been voted as one of the top 3 municipalities in South Africa in 2020.

The east side of Langebaan includes Myburgh Park right through to Blue Lagoon and, Sunset Estate offers modern living and many executive style homes at affordable prices.

Gate estates in Langebaan include Langebaan Country Estate (Golf Estate), Blue Lagoon, Calypso Beach, Paradise Beach, Laguna Sands and Waterfront. Nearby Club Mykonos Resort are the perfect place for all your entertainment needs.

With a population of under 10,000 people, Langebaan is a relatively small town, so there is lots of room for your family to grow. Langebaan is also close to Saldanha Airport, which provides only basic facilities.

You won’t find any scheduled flights available, but private charter planes provide, flights to and from Saldanha Airport. Langebaan is served internationally by Cape Town International Airport.

Langebaan is approximately 134 km from Cape Town and depending on how fast you drive it will a take you 1hr 30 minutes to get to Cape Town.

Click here for driving directions to our office in Langebaan. Do not forget to ask for Zulika or Sumadi (Zulika’s assistant).

See What our Clients Have to Say

Verity taylor
Verity taylor
08:38 29 Dec 21
Buying or selling property? Looking for one of the top estate agents in Langebaan?Stratospheric praise goes to ZULIKA VAN HEERDEN (FREEK PROPERTIES), Estate Agent par excellence, exceptional service in every way imaginable.Having dealt with a plethora of Estate Agents, in the field of Real Estate, it is declared that ZULIKA eclipses every single one of her competitors, nationwide: knowledgeable, thorough, patient, never pushy, and, at all times, willing to advise. Indeed, ZULIKA steers and guides buyers and sellers, ensuring peace of mind when making the most critical decision about the biggest investment. With ZULIKA at the helm, one is in safe hands throughout this process, providing comfort all the way. What a pleasure!Strikingly attractive, ZULIKA, so beautifully turned out, can be thread through the eye of a needle - the epitome of professionalism. This carries over in her work ethic. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble or a nuisance. Rapid response to all forms of communication. ZULIKA’s mantra is “To Serve”, which she most definitely does. She affords both parties a sense of being on each one’s team. Even when the ink is dry after penning one’s signature, ZULIKA remains steadfast in her dedication to assisting with all manner of property-related matters. Wunderbaar!Hats off to ZULIKA VAN HEERDEN for quality delivery, commitment to the task, ensuring that all parties are equally satisfied and content with each one’s ultimate decision. FREEK PROPERTIES, count your lucky starts that you have the calibre of ZULIKA VAN HEERDEN on your team; a rare and precious gem gleaming brightly in a business milieu far too often maligned.ZULIKA, all your success is well-earned and worthy reward for precisely what you do, embodying the definition of “Perfection”. Congratulations in abundance! Be blessed always and mega thanks from the Taylor family (East London to Langebaan)
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield
11:51 02 Nov 21
Zulika was an absolute star!!!She assisted my parents in the sale of their house and purchase of their new home. She took care of all the details.She was amazing.Thank you Zulika.
Sade Goodman
Sade Goodman
11:51 30 Jun 21
Choosing Zulika to be our Real Estate Agent was the best thing we could have done!She provided us with such exceptional service throughout the entire process and kept us updated on new listings as-and-when they became available.She is passionate at what she does and is extremely hardworking, as she will not stop until she has found you your dream home!We are extremely grateful for her always going the extra mile, providing us with speedy responses and for negotiating excellent deals for us.I definitely will recommend using her going forward, as she’s the best at what she does!
claudia teixeira
claudia teixeira
09:22 21 Jun 21
She is an absolute star! Zulika went over and above to help us and believe me we did not make it easy! She is friendly and extremely professional! She gives honest advise which I loved about her! She is definitely the one to go to when looking for property in Langebaan! Thank you Zulika!
Deb Shurety
Deb Shurety
03:17 03 May 21
We are looking to move to langanbaum, and needed an agent to line up viewings for the 3 days we were there. I found Zulika on the internet and crossed fingers she will arrange viewings. We were most certainly not disappointed, she definitely went far and beyond my expectations and absolutely nothing was any trouble, there was always a smile on her face and answer's to our numerous questions. 100% recommended from us. She made our stay and house hunting not to mention the process of now going through the purchase of a property very comfortable. Thankyou so, much for all you have and still doing for us. Bob and Debbie
Quintin Horn
Quintin Horn
10:47 08 Apr 21
If you need an estate agent that is professional, caring about her clients' needs, good communication, diligent, knows the industry really well, good marketer and her own marketing team, has really high standards, friendly and good negotiator - then phone Zulika. Thank you so much team Zulika.
Marina Burger
Marina Burger
15:20 11 Feb 21
Zulika and team is very professional and kept us updated throughout the process, of selling our property. You will be in good hands.
Marina Black
Marina Black
09:05 18 Nov 20
Zulika is very passionate about her Profession and it shows in her ability to bring buyers and sellers together in one happy place. She is always just a phone call away and nothing is ever to much trouble for her. She knows the area very well and always gives the best advice. She has made our journey fun easy and an unforgettable experience. Her videos are also very professional and informative.Thank you Zulika for making our search for our new home such a memorable experience.
06:08 18 Nov 20
Zulika assisted us with highly professional advice and practical assistant to consider, buy and sell various properties in Jacobsbaai.We appreciated her honest and well informed input regarding property values.Her friendly personality is a real asset.No wonder she is highly recommended.
Gerhard Crous
Gerhard Crous
14:43 24 Jul 20
Best of the best. Absolutely great team!!! But one BIG thanks to Zulika van Heerden, you are just the BEST!!!!
Jeanette Morupi
Jeanette Morupi
12:56 29 May 20
She is very understanding, professional and goes out of her way for her clients. Kept me well informed all the way and nothing is impossible with her. I am really impressed with her service and would highly recommend her.
Megan Carstens
Megan Carstens
11:21 13 May 20
Thinking of buying a property in Langebaan?Don't look further than Zulika van Heerden. She is for sure the best agent. She is very professional and helpful and will definately find you the best house that meets your needs.Thank you Zulika for helping us find our forever home in Langebaan. You went way beyond your duties of agent and have become a forever friend.Keep up the good work.Megan and Riaan
Lorraine Du Toit
Lorraine Du Toit
07:59 20 Feb 20
It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Zulika. Not only is she a very professional and trustworthy agent but also someone who always walk the extra mile. Zulika is highly recommended!
Angie Schmiedt
Angie Schmiedt
07:13 22 Nov 19
Zulika worked very hard to find us a property that we liked. She was always very patient, but never pushy. She knew all the areas and the pro's and con's of each one - so there were no surprises later on - and that way she helped us to choose an area, an then find a home that we loved. We will definitely recommend Zulika to any buyer who is looking to buy in Langebaan.
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