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Lets take a tour of the Langebaan Country Estate

Lets take a tour of Langebaan Country Estate

Hi everyone Zulika here from Freek Properties. It’s a sunny day here in Langebaan so I’m going to put on my sunglasses … and today I’m standing in front of the very popular Langebaan Country Estate also known as the Golf Estate just to avoid any confusion. And I’m going to take you on a drive through this estate so that you can see what type of homes you can get here what the lifestyle is like and all the different amenities that are available here on the Langebaan Golf Estate. So let’s go and take a ride through the Estate. So just full disclosure here there’s a speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour in the estate so this video has been sped up at certain points. So as we come around the circle on the left-hand side that white building is the gym there is an extra charge to be a member of the gym but as a resident, you get a discount. As we come up to the clubhouse this is the clubhouse has two restaurants, a ladies bar, you can also play putt putt which is quite nice… or come and watch the game over a weekend. So let’s carry on and then as we come around that circle again we get the Gym now on our right hand side.


And then there are other amenities like a bowling a green there’s a swimming pool and as we come up now just past the gym you also find the tennis courts the netball courts there’s a little soccer field as well so these are really nice amenities to keep the kids busy um within the safety of the estate. So in the estate you get a certain colour palette – you’ll see that a lot of the houses are more or less the same colors and styles. There is an aesthetics committee that has to pass your plans so you can’t just build whatever you want or paint it whatever color you want – there is a pre-approved palette to choose from. And then pricing – at time of recording this video you’re not going to find anything under R3.5 million. The levy is R1169 rand and then your rates and taxes on that is probably going to be in the region of about between R1 300 and R1 500 per month and then obviously you have to add your sewage and refuse removal so you’re not going to come away with less than about R4,500 – R5,000 a month living on the estate that’s all in. And then you can see that living on this estate is quiet most of the properties are open. You won’t see a walled property really, unless you’ve got some dogs and you have to have it fenced in – there’s specific types of fencing that you can use . There are specific plants that you can and can’t plant in the estate so be sure that you make yourself aware of these before buying onto the estate you don’t want to be disappointed later

Well how did you like the Langebaan Country Estate? If you like these types of videos please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up at the bottom of this video and also subscribe to the channel because I go through all the different areas in Langebaan so that you can get a good idea of the areas and where and what they look like and what you can get in those areas. I hope to see you soon take care Bye!


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