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What Is Kerb Appeal And Why Does It Matter?

A lot has been written about how you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. When it comes to selling your home in Langebaan, you want to leverage those seven seconds to make the best possible first impression on potential buyers.

The word ‘kerb appeal’ comes from real estate and refers to the attractiveness of a home, as viewed from the street. Before the advent of the Internet, buyers would form their first impression of a property sitting in their car, parked just beyond the kerb.

If the home did not look attractive from the kerb, buyers moved on to the next property. So by enhancing your home’s kerb appeal you can sell your home faster and for more money.

Yesterday’s Kerb Appeal Is Today’s Web Appeal


It used to be all about Kerb appeal – a beautifully maintained garden, a professionally installed security fence, a new coat of paint. However, with 93 percent of home buyers looking online, it’s all starts with web appeal.

Today a buyer’s first impression is formed by the photos of the property they see online. Instead of driving to a property, they’ll first scroll through online pictures.
In other words, buyers can see how your home looks inside and out with every setting foot on your property. This doesn’t mean you can neglect how your property looks from the outside, the exterior appearance is still important.

Once a buyer decided they like what they see online, kerb appeal is at its most valuable when someone decides to drive by or visit your home in person. But they may not ever get that far if your home has not been photographed well.

So it is vital to get a professional to take quality photos which will enable you to post high-resolution photos. But if your home doesn’t look at its best online, then kerb appeal won’t even play a role.

Web Appeal Tips for Home Sellers


Invest in a good camera with a wide-angle lens to create the perfect property listings. You want to ensure the inside and outside interior of your home is in good condition before taking photos.

The digital age of web appeal has changed how you market your property and sellers have to do a lot more to get the home ready than what was previously the case.
Buyers search for property online using their laptops, Ipads, and smartphone so you must make a good impression virtually instantly. Remember the property still needs to look good appealing when viewed from the kerbside, but to get buyers in your front door, it also needs to look great on the web.

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