Lets visit Paradise Beach in Langebaan

Hi everyone Zulika here from Freek Properties – and this is Sumadi, andtoday we’re at Paradise Beach, and we’re, going to take you on a short tour through this beautiful holiday town. Basically, it’s like living in a holiday resort, so come with us and let’s Take a ride through paradise beach

So This is what you see as you come into Paradise Beach! Look at that beautiful, blue. It’s, your blue ocean. It’s really stunning, so basically you can take the either one of the roads that you see along here now as well into the town

You’ll see that all the houses here have a greek inspired theme, so they’re all the whitewashed houses, but you can select your own look and feel to your property.

So you’ll, have many of these domed roofs and it’s actually stunning, when you walk around here, because you get such a nice holiday feeling when you, when you’re in in this vicinity, the average stand size Here in paradise, beach is about 400 square meters.

So the stands aren’t huge, but they most of the properties are built up, but there aren’t really any single level properties here in paradise, beach. The average house price ranges at about R3mil and upward – here and there you’ll find a house in the two million range  – around R2.5 to R2.7 Mil, but generally it’s from 3 million and upwards.

So it’s a really exclusive resort site security, complex to live in.  There aren’t many stands available or left over here in paradise, beach to choose from. So if you are interested in buying a stand, you need to take action before they are all gone.

So basically, you’ve got the benefit of a double security complex because when you buy into paradise beach, you have to come through the Club Mykonos gate and then you also come to the security guard at the top of paradise.  So there you need to sign in as well. So now we’re, walking down the walkways down to the beach um and, as you can see, then the entire back perimeter inside perimeter of Paradise Beach is protected by a electric fence.

So it’s, quite secure wow and just take a look at this view. Isn’t. This stunning got a bit of wind up here, but this is basically your view of Paradise Beach from the top