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Lets visit Langebaan’s Bay View Lookout point

Hi everyone Zulika here from Freek Properties, and today I’ve, made a quick stop at the very new lookout point here in Sunbird drive in Myburgh park and it’s called. If you can see in the background there, the bay view lookout point – and this lookout point actually gives you a bird’s, eye view of the entire lagoon and it’s really awesome.

Stop you just make a quick stop along the road you can see. I’ve parked there. There’s, parking available,  and definitely make use of it to come and have a look at this beautiful lookout point everywhere.

They’ve got little benches where you can sit down. Maybe you can even make a little picnic uh that particular day to come and take a look at this view from the top. Now you might be asking how many days of the year do we actually have these beautiful blue skies and sunny weather well most of the year.

Langebaan has an awesome climate, so you’ll, be able to enjoy this view most days of the year. So i’ve just reached the end point here and just have a look in the background that awesome view of the entire lagoon all the way through to Mykonos uh, which shows you what you are seeing in front of you all: the islands, japan Islands and really see absolutely every one of them here so take a trip through to the Bay View lookout point here in Myburgh Park.

It’s right on the top point of Sunbird drive. You can’t, miss it and  enjoy it. I’ll chat. You soon, bye,


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