3 Things you Must know about Langebaan before Moving here

Zulika Van Heerden

Zulika Van Heerden

Hi everyone, Zulika here and I’m out and about in Langebaan today. 

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And in today’s video I’m going to tell you the 3 essential things you have to know about Langebaan before moving to Langebaan – and all three things have one thing in common. Let’s take a look. 

1) Bad Hair Days

So you should already be hearing um a telltale sign of what I’m going to be talking about in the background but as I turn…. ladies you can forget about your hairdo it’s going to be messed up most of the time you’re going to have to have it tied up or do something to it because it’s not going to last. 

2) We park funny

And the second thing about moving to Langebaan that you have to know about is that……. just look at this ……. we park funny we’re all parking on the pavements and why do you ask well once again because of the wind so when we’ve got the south easter blowing you have to park with your nose to the wind because the wind can get so strong that it actually rips the door out of your hand and then you knock the car next to you so you would also want to avoid any dents and nicks and scratches from other cars um and that’s why those in the know actually do this funny park and I’ll just you’ll see that we’re very far away uh from the other cars not to be knocked.

3) The wind blows all the time

The third thing that you have to know about moving to Langebaan is that the wind blows most of the time but  December is the windiest and and that is shortly followed by January and also November so if you’re a kite surfer it’s ideal for you

I hope these three tips helped you for when you move to Langebaan .

So you heard it here first these are the essential things that you must know when moving to Langebaan! 

Chat to you soon!